Why You’ll Love Marvin Windows

Jul 27, 2021

All of us at Durango Wood Company and Doors and More know that windows matter to you. Not only do they frame your view, but they can also either save or cost you money in the long run. Here’s why we love Marvin windows; we believe you’ll love them, too.

Framing Your Views

Windows make or break the vibe of a room. Your windows frame warm sunshine, fresh air, and inspiring views. Marvin manufactures a wide range of styles and sizes, ensuring that you’ll get the look you want. Marvin has always been committed to engineering and design, ensuring that you can see the world through innovation and quality. You’ll find hundreds of options for customization, ways to incorporate historical design with modern functionality, seamless contemporary styles that provide as much visibility as possible, high security and safety measures, and much more.

Family-Owned, Like Us

Marvin is family-owned and runs a business, just like us! Back in 1912, the Marvin family owned and operated a cedar and lumber company. For well over 100 years, they have lived their family values, instilling them into every aspect of their business. Just like us, they believe in building a stronger community and taking care of customers. In their own words, “we’ve looked for ways to help people live better. We continue to evolve by raising the bar, building quality, beauty and simplicity into people’s everyday lives.” Why does this matter? Because we know you want to do business with people and companies who care about you, not just making a profit.

Saving Energy, One Window at a Time

Energy-efficient windows save you money on utility bills. Marvin says, “new windows and doors can save you as much as 15% on your energy bills while reducing wear and tear on heating and cooling systems.” Who doesn’t love saving money? Even better, energy-efficient windows mean a more comfortable home for you. Why? Because high-performance windows regulate how much heat enters and leaves your home. You can feel good about helping minimize your impact on the environment.

Stand the Test of Time

When you invest in Marvin windows, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll enjoy a lifetime of low-maintenance, high-quality windows. Windows and doors from Marvin push the industry standard to meet advanced, groundbreaking performance and will last through even the harshest conditions.

Tell Us About Your Project

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