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What to Expect

Whether you’re a homeowner or a builder, we know you want not just a beautiful finished product, but a flawless building experience that meets your budget and vision. That’s why our team works together to give you a one-stop-shop to support every aspect of your project from design onward.

Check out what you can expect when working with each of our teams:



1. Initial Consultation

During our first conversation, we’ll get to know you and your project. We’ll ask you questions like:

  • What type of windows do you need for this project?
  • What is your timeline?
  • Do you have a budget you would like to discuss?
  • How about colors?
  • Exterior, Interior, Hardware, etc.
  • Do you have any specific brands you are interested in?

If you are the homeowner, we would be happy to discuss different style, type, function, and design options in our showroom to help you narrow your vision. If you are the builder, we’d love for you to be involved too. Getting everyone on the same page from the start helps keep the process smooth and issue-free. 

Already know what you want? Give us a call or send us an email with precisely what you need and we’ll move on to step 2.

2. Quote and Review

After our consultation, we’ll put together a quote for you using a couple of your top options from our consultation. You can review this quote with your builder or homeowner and make the decision that’s right for your project, budget, and timeline.

3. Ordering

Once you’ve decided what you want to order, we require a 50% retainer deposit. Before ordering, we’ll do a final checklist to look out for any potential problems, such as

  • Dimensions
  • (RO, Frame Size, Handings, Jamb Depth, Etc.)
  • Finish Selections
  • (Exterior, Interior, Hardware, Etc.)
  • Code Requirements
  • (Tempered Glass, Egress, U-Value, Etc.)

After placing the order, we’ll let you know the lead time and when to expect delivery.

4. Delivery and Ongoing Support

Your windows can be delivered directly to your jobsite for an additional fee. If you encounter any problems with delivery, let us know ASAP. We’re here to help advocate for you and problem solve with you to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible.

beautiful dining room with Marvin windows


1. Initial Consultation

Call or stop by our showroom and tell us about your project and ideas. We’ll talk about things like:

  • Door applications (Interior/ Exterior)
  • Door materials and construction
  • Design options
  • Door locations and function
  • Install Timeline
  • Budget

We have many displays in our showroom of the manufacturers we offer to help you find exactly what you need for your project.

If you already know what you want, give us a call with the details and we’ll head to step 2.

2. Quote

We’ll create a quote based on our conversation with various options if needed. Changes in construction are natural—all details will be finalized before any materials are ordered or built.

3. Walk through and ordering

To ensure everything looks and functions as intended, we’ll visit your jobsite for a walk through, taking note of measurements and placement to ensure order accuracy.

After placing the order, we’ll keep you informed of lead times and delivery logistics.

4. Delivery and Ongoing Support

Unless otherwise specified, all of our doors are pre-hung and will be delivered directly to your jobsite. Should you have any questions or warranty issues, we’re here to help.

Marvin Modern Farmhouse Front Door


1. Start online

To make the most of our in-person consultation, print and fill out the forms on our website. If you don’t know the answer to all of the questions, no problem. We’ll go through them together when you arrive.  

We will need a basic drawing of your space, including window and door placement and appliances (bring part numbers or specifications). This will allow your designer to provide an accurate layout and stay within your budget.  

You can find the forms here.

2. In-person consultation

During our appointment, we’ll use your measurements to discuss the layout. We’ll talk about important factors like:

  • What colors/styles you envision
  • What already exists in the room that we may need to work around
  • What hardware style you have in mind, if any
  • Your budget
  • The project’s timeline

If you have Houzz or Pinterest boards, bring them along so we can understand the look you’re going for.  If you don’t have any, no problem! We can guide you through the process and choose finishes that are perfect for you.

FYI: This first consultation is exclusively for the homeowner.

3. Renderings and review

After our discussion and using your measurements, we’ll draw up a custom design for your cabinets, complete with a quote. This usually takes about two weeks. Once they’re ready, we’ll meet with you again to review the layout.

At this point you may put down a deposit and take the dimensioned drawings with you. This deposit keeps us moving forward with your project and gets credited back to the final invoice of your cabinets. Otherwise, you may hold on to your estimate and let us know when you’re ready to proceed.

4. Measurements and ordering

Once we’ve dialed in your design and you’re ready to order, we’ll measure at your site and make any necessary alterations. We’ll order your cabinets and give you an estimated ship date as soon as we have it.

5. Delivery and installation consultation

Your cabinets will be delivered to our showroom. We’ll schedule delivery with you or your builder once they arrive. We recommend a final meeting with your installer to go over the layout and list any specific details they’ll need. This will ensure your installer’s questions are answered in advance so they can complete the install as quickly and easily as possible.

Custom wood furniture built by Durango Wood in Loma Linda, Pinon Acres


1. Initial Consultation

During our first consultation, we’ll talk to you about your project and help you design the aesthetics you’re looking for in an affordable and practical way. With the option for both standard and custom projects, the sky is the limit! We’ll talk to you about:

  • What the material is for
  • How the material will be installed
  • Wood species options and grades appropriate for the application
  • Sizes and measurements
  • Budget
  • Ideal completion timeline

To keep your project on schedule, we recommend you reach out and start a discussion as early as possible. We love getting homeowner’s design input and we will work together with your builder or contractor to get everything fabricated to specification.

2. Bid

After the meeting, we’ll send you a preliminary quote for the materials, including options for wood species and an estimated lead time. Before ordering, please double check all quantities of materials needed to complete your project.

3. Mill

Once approved, we’ll get to work sourcing raw lumber and creating your project in our mill. We always ensure that our products and sourced lumber cuts are acclimated for our high-altitude, dry environment to minimize the possibility of warping, cracking, checking, and shrinkage over time.

Lead times vary, but generally we are much faster than waiting for generic products from across the country.

4. Onsite prepping and pickup

We’ll give you advice on preparing your site for installation and will call you to coordinate pickup or delivery when your order is ready. While installation is up to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or issues. We are always happy to recommend local contractors if needed.

Custom wood furniture  - what to expect

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