Timeless Style

Transitional interior design—the carefully curated pairing of traditional and modern styles—has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and SoCo Wood & Windows is bringing this desirable style to Southern Colorado. Chances are you’ve seen it without realizing what you’re looking at—a beautiful, warm, welcoming room with a ‘traditional’ look that somehow doesn’t feel like a heavy or dated time capsule. This is the perfect look for those who love the timeless style that won’t grow quickly dated but still allows for a softened, personalized, contemporary feel.

Transitional interior design style bedroom

A Beautiful Blending

The transitional style is all about tempering the best parts of traditional style—ornate features, dark wood, and detailed patterns—with the softer elements of the modern style—curved lines, minimal elements, and neutral colors. In a transitionally styled room, you’ll see both straight and curved lines, a serene color scheme, and balance through layers.

If you’re looking for that perfect blend of hard and soft, masculine and feminine, classic and modern, SoCo Wood & Windows is here to help Southern Colorado curate a transitional style through stunning doors, windows, cabinets, hardware and wood elements to make your space aesthetically blended and functionally balanced.

Transitional dining room

Warm, Balanced, Timeless

Transitional style stays welcoming and up-to-date in SoCo

Transitional style living room

Look for elements like:

A mixture of straight and round lines
Warm, neutral colors
Dark wood accents with occasional ornate pieces
A combination of textures in cloth, wood, and plaster
Use of the different textures and other silhouettes to create layers
Minimal accessories, but those that are chosen are used as statement pieces
Focus on comfort and functionality
Frequent focus on light and statement lighting

Bring Your Transitional Style to Life

We’ll help you find the perfect pieces to complement your style.

Doors & Windows

Find the perfect traditional style, wood accent door to pair with modern windows from experts like Marvin, Anderson, Mi, and Lincoln.

Transitional Kitchen Cabinets for Stylish Storage

Cabinets & Hardware

Combine hard lines with soft curves in neutrals, dark woods, and even the occasional pop of color to create functional and beautiful cabinets throughout your home.

Emphasize Natural Light with Transitional Windows

Custom Wood Products

Add ornate designs or other textural interest with custom wood projects like mantels and shelves, wall and ceiling panels, unique tables, and more.

On trend. On budget. On time.

Transform your space with SoCo Wood & Windows.