Lincoln Window Installation: The Best Windows for Your Home

Aug 15, 2022

When it comes time for window installation to replace or add new windows in your home, it can be a difficult decision to make. There are so many different types and brands of windows available on the market, how do you know which ones are right for you?

Lincoln windows are a great choice for any home. With their energy efficiency and durability, along with good value and quality options, they are sure to provide you with years of enjoyment. Building on a 75-year history of manufacturing experience and craftsmanship, Lincoln windows are engineered for both aesthetics and performance. They are also known for delivering exceptional customer service and creating many satisfied homeowners throughout the entire window installation process.

Lincoln Windows Wide Array of Products Offer Incredibly Desirable Options

Lincoln windows are constructed with mortise and tenon joinery. This type of joinery is very strong and durable, making it an ideal choice for windows that will be subject to a lot of wear and tear. It’s made by cutting a groove, or mortise, into one piece of wood. The other piece of wood, known as the tenon, is then fitted into the mortise. The mortise and tenon joinery also makes the Lincoln window easier to install than other types of windows.

Another great feature about Lincoln windows is that they come in multiple sizes and shapes, unlimited colors, different wood products, and strong architectural features to create truly stunning interiors and exteriors. You can rest assured they use superior components built into every unit. From first-rate wood to double-strength glass, Lincoln windows are an energy-efficient and attractive product.

There are many different types of Lincoln specialty windows, each with its own unique benefits. Here are just a few of the most popular options:

Casement Windows

Lincoln casement windows are a great option for those who want to maximize their view. These beautiful and functional windows open outward, so you can enjoy the outdoors while still being protected from the elements. Casement windows are hinged on one side and open outward like a door. They’re energy efficient and a great option for rooms that need ventilation, as they provide maximum airflow. The four most common types of casement windows are:

  • Standard Casement: Traditional crank style with a single-hand operation.
  • Push-Out Casement: Designed for easy opening in an outward push motion.
  • Radius Top Casement: Adds architectural interest because the segment head casements and traditional casements visually compliment each other with matching sightlines.
  • French Casement: Elegant one window with two sashes that adds both style and value to your property.


Awning windows are another popular choice of Lincoln products. These windows open from the top, letting in fresh air while keeping out pests and inclement weather. Awning windows are also hinged on one side, but they open upward instead of outward.

They’re a good choice for rooms that need ventilation but don’t have a lot of square footage, as they don’t take up any additional floor space when opened. Similar to the casement windows, the awning styles are the standard awning and the push-out awning.

Double Hung

Double Hung windows have clean, classic lines and create excellent curb appeal. They are a classic option that provides both ventilation and views. These windows have two sashes that open and close, so you can control the amount of airflow in your home.

A window sash is the frame that holds the glass in a window. It typically consists of two parts: the upper sash, which holds the upper pane of glass, and the lower sash, which holds the lower pane of glass. The sashes are connected to each other by Mullions, and they slide up and down in the frame to open and close the window. Sashes can be tilted for easy cleaning.

The featured Lincoln Double Hung Windows are:

  • Wide Rail Double Hung: Made with two sashes that are wider than the standard window. This creates a more elegant look to the window and allows for more light to enter the room. The wide rail double-hung window is also very easy to operate and is a great option for those who want a window that is both stylish and functional.
  • Narrow Rail Double Hung: Increasingly popular with black, sleek lines that emphasize more visible glass area. The sashes tilt for easy cleaning and an inverted block-and-tackle balance is created by the recessed jamb liner design.
  • Radius Top Double Hung: Utilizes segmented head and quarter windows, creating exciting elevations.
  • Quantum Double Hung: Extra large window designed for commercial architecture or historical projects with over-sized windows.

Glider Windows

Lincoln glider windows are the perfect way to add style and curb appeal to your home. With their unique design, these windows can really make a statement. But they’re not just for looks. Lincoln glider windows are also highly functional, providing excellent ventilation and easy operation. So if you’re looking for a window that’s both beautiful and functional, Lincoln glider windows are the way to go.

The sliding windows open horizontally, with one window sliding past the other. They’re a good choice for rooms that need ventilation but don’t have a lot of space, as they don’t take up any additional floor space when opened. They are extremely durable and come with choices of Standard and Triple panes, and blend well with casements.

Bay / Bow Windows

There are different types of bay windows that can be found in Lincoln homes. The most common type is the bow window, which is made up of a series of smaller windows that curve outward. Another popular type is the oriel window, which is similar to a bay window but doesn’t extend all the way to the ground. Both of these window types can be customized to fit the specific needs of your home.

Bay windows are also one of the most popular choices for those who want to add a touch of elegance and style. They are named for their distinct shape, which is similar to that of a bay or an alcove. Made up of three windows – one large window in the middle flanked by two smaller windows, they project outward from the home, making them a great option for adding extra space and light to a room.  Two or more sashes bow outwards, creating a larger opening. The bay and bow options are casement and double-hung.

Specialty Windows

Specialty shape windows give you a choice of uncommon shapes, including elegant arches, striking angles, and curves. Used alone or in combination with other windows, they add curb appeal and enhance the character of your home. Lincoln offers 20 different design choices that work beautifully as a stand-alone feature or complement other standard windows.

  • Corner Windows are a special framing method that opens up sweeping, panoramic views and are a good choice for homes with limited space. They are available in both fixed and operable styles.
  • Studio Windows are often large windows and a great option for studios or rooms with limited space. They add a sense of openness to a room and are designed to provide as much natural light as possible. Lincoln makes both sash and fixed options.

Customized and Architecturally Appealing

  • Transoms are small windows located above a door or other windows and an attractive solution that adds key architectural elements to taller rooms.
  • Shape windows come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are round, oval, octagonal, and even triangular ones.  They can be placed anywhere in your home, from the living room to the bathroom and are a great way to add character to your home to let in natural light.
  • Direct Sets are a cost effective, custom sized, non-operating window where a piece of insulated glass is placed “directly” into its frame.
  • Sash Sets are the most commonly used type of specialty window.  They are made up of two sashes, or frames, that slide vertically past each other.  The sashes can be opened to any desired width and height, making them very versatile.

Specifically, if you’re looking for a window with the result that will add both style and value to your property, Lincoln is a great choice. With their many different options, you’re sure to find the perfect windows for your home. SoCo Wood and Windows is the leading provider of Lincoln windows in Southern Colorado. We offer a wide range of products and services to meet your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more!