Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends Recommended by Designers

Feb 7, 2023

Are you ready to make your mark on your home, especially in your kitchen? Ready to make that space uniquely you so it reflects who you are? A change in cabinet color can do exactly that! And now is the perfect time to bring color into your kitchen via your cabinets, as colored cabinets are one of the hottest trends this year.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinet Color For Your Home

Before choosing a color, however, there are a few important things you need to know.

  • First, what types of cabinets do you have?

    The wood your cabinets are made of may play a large role in determining what type of stain or paint you can use. Additionally, certain types of cabinets will require more long-term maintenance than others if you choose to go with a color. For more on the topic, we have a handy guide ready for you here.

  • Second, what other features are important?

    Do you have counters, hardware, or tile backsplashes that will stay as they are? If so, it’s important to think about what paints will best work with these existing features. On the other hand, if you’re remodeling your kitchen from the cabinets out, you can choose any color you want. But it’s important to remember that eventually, you will need to coordinate your color to cabinets, hardware, and backsplash, so keep in mind what you want your end kitchen to look like before choosing a hard-to-coordinate color.

  • Finally, what overall feel do you want your kitchen to have?

    Experts have spent countless hours researching the field of color psychology, and their findings may help you achieve exactly the look and feel you are going for. Design experts say the below color trends have a fresh look for 2023 but lasting design power for many years to come with color psychology so you can be sure whatever color you choose for the look and feel, your home will be in style.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Psychology & Design Power

1. Green colors inspired by nature

Green colors–especially those inspired by nature—reflect growth, renewal, harmony, and balance. As a low-wavelength color, green typically evokes feelings of safety and can help improve focus, which is particularly helpful when cooking!  

Moreover, because nature-based greens are reflected in the world around us, design experts say it typically falls into the “timeless category,” so you don’t need to worry about it falling out of fashion too quickly.

2. Lively yellows inspired by food

Unlike its cooler green neighbor, yellow is a warm color that evokes happiness and hope. Its vibrancy typically invites its residents to feel cheerful and playful. It is excellent at grabbing attention and is the perfect color to draw the eye if you’re looking for a signature color in your space.

This year, many designers see people choose food-inspired yellows like mustard, lemon, and butter. Although not traditionally found on cabinets, yellow is a popular color in decorating, and design experts say that it has lasting power even on cabinets, especially when paired with white.

Black and white kitchen featuring modern cabinet hardware

3. Deepest black

Although not commonly thought of as a popular kitchen color, black is actually most frequently associated with elegance, power, and wealth. It first became popular and associated with status during the Renaissance because of its rarity, and it had a comeback in the 70s due to its ability to make its space simultaneously formal, sophisticated, and alluring.

While black is deeply elegant and can provide exactly that sophistication you’re looking for, most design experts warn against going all in, as it can be overpowering. They say that if you go for black cabinetry, it’s best to pair it with light countertops or gold hardware and accents. Many recommend using black for contrast, either placing black cabinets low and pairing them with lighter-colored cabinets on top, or by using it for the island color.

4. Classic White

It makes sense that the color that represents feelings of cleanliness and new beginnings and evokes feelings of peace and refreshment would still be one of the most popular cabinet color choices year over year.

Additionally, because white reflects all light wavelengths, it makes a kitchen feel bigger and more full of light than a darker color would, and makes it an excellent choice for both smaller kitchens or kitchens that receive lots of natural light. Perhaps best of all, it pairs well with any other color and can be an excellent choice if you can’t make many other adjustments to your kitchen.

If you want to explore your cabinet color options—especially the ones that will hold color well—we can help!

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