Doors, Windows, and Cabinets for Farmington, NM

Jul 17, 2023

At SoCo Wood & Windows, we know that you want a gorgeous home in Farmington, New Mexico that reflects your personal style.  To make your vision a reality, you need access to high-quality products and experts to help you wade through the options and find the exact right thing to make your project a success.

That’s where SoCo Wood & Windows comes in.

With our millworks shop and access to the top brands in doors, windows, cabinets, and more, we have the products you need to bring your dream home to life. And what’s more, we work with you through every step of the process from selection, ordering, and troubleshooting, until you are satisfied with your results.  Creating a picture-perfect home in Farmington, NM has never been easier.  

Custom Windows, Farmington, NM

SoCo Wood & Windows is dedicated to providing exceptional window solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of residents in Farmington, NM. With our extensive expertise in the industry, SoCo Wood & Windows has established a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality, customizable windows for remodels and new home builds in the Farmington community. 

Offering artisan quality with trusted brands, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and premium materials to deliver windows that combine functionality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. 

SoCo Wood & Windows partners with:

  • Marvin Windows and Doors
  • Andersen Windows and Doors
  • Mi Windows
  • Lincoln Windows

Whether it’s a modern, polished design or a more traditional style, SoCo Wood & Windows ensures that each window is meticulously crafted to enhance the beauty, value, and comfort of any space. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and competitive pricing, SoCo Wood & Windows has become the premier choice for those seeking top-notch custom window solutions in the local Farmington community.

Farmington, NM

Custom Doors, Farmington, NM

SoCo Wood & Windows takes pride in providing top-quality custom doors for homes in the Farmington, NM area. With our extensive experience and expertise, we offer a wide range of custom door solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of our customers. Whether it’s an entry door, interior door, or patio door, SoCo Wood & Windows offers a vast selection of materials, styles, and finishes to choose from. 

We partner with some of the top brands in the industry:

  • Marvin Windows and Doors
  • Andersen Windows and Doors
  • TruStile Doors
  • Therma-Tru Doors

From elegant wooden doors to sleek modern designs, SoCo Wood & Windows combines superior craftsmanship with durable materials, resulting in doors that not only enhance the curb appeal but also provide security and energy efficiency. By delivering exceptional customer service and unmatched product quality, SoCo Wood & Windows has established itself as the go-to destination for anyone seeking exquisite custom doors in the Farmington, CO area.

Custom Cabinets, Farmington, NM

Located in the Farmington, NM, area, SoCo Wood & Windows offers exquisite custom cabinets for residential spaces. With years of experience in the building industry, we delight in helping our clients find the stunning cabinetry that matches their unique visions and functional requirements. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel, bathroom upgrade, or storage solution for any room in the home, SoCo Wood & Windows excels at delivering tailored solutions that elevate the aesthetics and functionality of any space. 

SoCo offers premier cabinetry brands:

  • Crystal Cabinet Works
  • Medallion
  • Kemper
  • Showplace
  • Fieldstone
  • Decora

From initial design consultations to ordering and troubleshooting, our dedicated team provides personalized attention, ensuring every detail is meticulously executed. SoCo Wood & Windows guarantees durable and long-lasting cabinets that are built to withstand the test of time. Our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction has made SoCo Wood & Windows a trusted name in custom cabinetry within the Farmington community.

Find Design Solutions for Your Farmington Home and SoCo Wood & Windows

At SoCo Wood & Windows, Farmington residents and builders will find all the products and support they need to make their new build or remodel an absolute success.  From bathroom cabinets to windows, doors, and more, SoCo Wood & Windows has your project covered.  

Visit one of our local showrooms in the Farmington, NM area to find out more, or contact us online to get started.