Box Beams – What are the Advantages?

Feb 17, 2022

Do you love the look of beams in your house? We do, too!

One of our specialties at SoCo Wood & Windows is creating beautiful box beams.

What exactly are box beams?

Box beams provide the same beautiful look as solid timbers but without the weight. Box beams are made of three individual pieces of wood that are nailed together to form what looks like a solid beam. It’s a much more economical option than buying solid beams (which we can provide, too!).

Use them purely for the look or as a functional addition to hide plumbing, wiring, or structural elements. With lock-mitered corners for strength and durability, they can be made from any wood species in L-, U-, or O-shapes to fit your design and functionality needs perfectly.

What are the other advantages of box beams?

Since the lumber can be cut to fit the exact specifications, and then assembled into the box beam, there is less waste of wood in the construction process. This means your builder can save money on materials and is able to be more competitive when quoting a price on a construction project.

Box beams are also a practical solution when you want the look of a beam, but the space can’t handle the weight of a solid beam. For example, if you are renovating your home, the structure may not be able to withstand the load of the solid beam. With a box beam, you can still create the look and feel without having to redesign an element that can bear a heavier weight.

How do I select my box beam style?

We suggest you search Pinterest and Houzz to find pictures of looks you like. Bring them by our office and we can help you and your builder recreate the look. You can customize your box beams by size, shape, wood species, staining, or painting.

Why choose SoCo Wood & Windows for your custom millwork?

At SoCo Wood & Windows, we know that you want a beautiful home that fits your style (take the design quiz). You just need access to the options and experts that can take your vision and make it a reality.

We understand there are a lot of decisions going into your build or remodel. That’s why we work with you through every step of your project from selection, ordering, troubleshooting, and more.

Utilizing our custom millworks shop and access to the highest-quality lumber, beautiful windows, and unique doors, we’ll make elevating your project easier than you ever thought possible.

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