Decorating Your Front Door to Win Season’s Greetings!

Dec 9, 2022

You have your beautiful new doors in, and your curb appeal is on point—then winter hits. What’s lovely decorating in Spring and inviting in Autumn can start to feel dull once the world is washed in gray lighting and white mounds.

How Decorating Your Front Door for Winter Can Brighten Up the Season

But don’t despair! There are many things you can do to spruce up that front door in winter so your visitors feel the season’s greetings before you even have a chance to greet them yourself. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas below to serve as an inspo board to launch your winter festivity.

1. Choose Inviting Colors

Nothing says “season’s greetings” like beautiful winter-tolerant greenery around your front door. Placing a couple of shrubs or dwarf trees—even if they’re fake—creates a warm, inviting welcome. Some people even go so far as to place a fully decorated Christmas tree on their front porch! Studies show indoor plants boost moods and decrease stress: why not give yourself that same gift as you walk into your home each evening?

Additionally, there are many multi-colored options out there, like round tree ornaments and vibrant garlands, that allow you to create a beautiful, eye-catching display without spending a fortune.

Alternatively, consider going monochromatic for a dramatic feel, especially if you have a white door. Finding snowflakes, polar bears, or a frosted Christmas tree, for example, allows a unique visual interest that’s sure to catch the eye.

Image Source: Cleantolist

2. Play with Texture

Doors that fall flat are the doors that look flat—they have little texture or depth. When decorating your door, try to find door decor that stands out: for example, instead of going with a simple wreath, find a wreath holder that enhances the look. We’ve seen everything from deer head wreath holders to golden star-topped holders: find something you love!

Additionally, find decorations that allow you to layer, layer, layer!

While it’s important to not go too over the top, you’ll be surprised at how many layers you can add to provide visual interest: for example, ornaments in a lantern that sits in front of a dwarf tree that’s just off to the side of your front door, or stacking your wreaths (and maybe even adding a mirror or light at the center). 

Finally, try not to use only one type of decoration—if you do decide to place a cute little bush by your front door, look for a metal or cloth-based wreath to compliment the shrubbery instead of competing with it.

Decorating front door with ornaments and a wreath

3. Find Festive Accents (Ornaments, anyone?)

What is it about winter that you love, that makes the long, dark, cold days worth it to you? Winter Sports? Maybe a day of ice skating or sledding? The beauty of snowflakes or the hope represented in the lights? Are reindeers secretly your favorite animal? Whatever it is that you love about winter, there’s sure to be a fun, festive accent piece that reflects that!

Maybe it’s a pair of ice skates hanging at the center of your wreath, a vintage sled leaning just to the side of your door, decorative snowflakes or extra-large Christmas lights strung from your porch ceiling, or a fun reindeer ready to jump in the sky perched on your door steps. No matter what you love, you’ll be able to find it somewhere, and the reminder will bring a smile to your face whenever you come home and see it. Even better, they’re fun talking points when visitors come knocking!

Decorating your front door with lights and greenery

4. Light it up

As the days grow darker earlier, it becomes more and more difficult for people to see and admire all the hard work you put into decorating your front door. It’s not nearly as fun to decorate if people can’t see it! Consider taking time to illuminate your walkway, porch, and front door.

There are many beautiful lighting features now available: you can create light without hanging lights along your rooftop (although that’s still fun, too!). From net lights for bushes to stand alone lanterns, battery-powered light up ornaments to hang in your outdoor tree to illuminated orbs that glimmer around your lawn (especially in the snow), there are a variety of ways to light up the front yard and display all of your beautiful door decorations.


Decorating your front door as a way to meet neighbors and build community? Consider creating a hot chocolate stand you can roll out to your front porch when you’re home and you know neighbors will be walking by (like after the local school gets out!). Simply decorate a rolling bar cart with some greenery and red ribbons, and place a large thermos of hot chocolate on top with marshmallow and peppermint spoons. If you have a mug tree, consider using that with some festive holiday mugs. You may be surprised at how many new friends you meet in the process!

And as always, remember we’re here for any questions about doors (or their decorations!) you may have. Call us today or visit one of our showrooms. And don’t forget to send us a picture of your beautiful winter door for our own inspiration!