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First coming into popularity in the 1970s, contemporary style borrowed heavily from the aesthetics of mid-century modern, art deco, and postmodernism, but quickly became its own style. Unlike set styles like farmhouse or modern, contemporary is always changing with the current trends. Fluid and fresh, your contemporary house is a true reflection of your unique style in Southern Colorado and the surrounding area.

contemporary architecture

Less is Always More

Contemporary’s subtle, sophisticated style is all about simplicity, texture, and space. Featuring both straight and curved lines, modern simplicity, geometric shapes, and structural elements made of wood, metal, and concrete, contemporary design helps you create rooms that are sleek and fresh.

Ready to create a style that is as unique as you are? SoCo Wood & Windows is here to help you curate stunning doors, windows, cabinets, hardware and wood elements to make your space eye-catching and harmonious.

modern contemporary bathroom design

Streamlined, Open, Fashionable

Contemporary style stays current and on-trend in Southern Colorado.

contemporary deck

Look for elements like:


Clean, straight lines


Neutral color schemes with pops of contrasting color


Exposed wood

Streamlined silhouettes and geometric shapes
Statement pieces


Sleek curves
Shiny lacquered or glossy finishes

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets for Stylish Storage

Crystal Cabinets Encore Linea Vienna After Dark Kitchen

Discover the sleek elegance of frameless box design paired with the Vienna and Manhattan door styles, enhanced by super matte textures and EV White Washed Oak, creating an irresistible fusion of modernity and sophistication.

Crystal Cabinets Tropical Modern Kitchen

Experience the allure of a tropical modern kitchen featuring frameless design, adorned with the dynamic Cascade and Redondo door styles, complemented by the chic Designer White and Natural finishes, harmonizing PGM and Walnut substrates for a captivating blend of style and functionality.

Crystal Cabinets Contemporary Contrast Kitchen

Indulge in the allure of our Contemporary Contrast Kitchen, boasting a frameless design and custom doors, draped in the velvety elegance of Super Matte Black wood with a lustrous UV Lacquer substrate, creating a captivating juxtaposition of modern sophistication.

Showplace Cabinetry Contemporary Kitchen for Entertaining

Step into the epitome of contemporary elegance with a stunning kitchen design featuring frameless granite-colored cabinetry, exquisitely complemented by sleek granite waterfall countertops, seamlessly merging modernity with natural elements like birch wood beams—elevating functionality to artistry.

Stand Out with Contemporary

Door Styles


Experience the modern TS5000 door, masterfully crafted in rift sawn white oak featuring a sophisticated Grey Mist finish and all encased within a striking projected jamb for a bold, architectural statement


The Pulse Línea Door is a captivating blend of style and innovation, finished in the rich tones of Golden Wheat and Onyx, featuring Echelon Glass and Advanta Flat Lite Frame (S81EC-FF) for a luminous, modern aesthetic that truly sets your space apart.


The Ultimate Multi-Slide Door transforms spaces by providing a seamless indoor-outdoor experience, designed to withstand any weather conditions. Opt for multiple panels that either neatly stack and remain visible within the frame or discreetly slide away into a wall pocket.

Emphasize Natural Light with Contemporary Windows 

Marvin Ultimate Casement

The Ultimate Casement window is available in some of the industry’s largest dimensions, features a robust multi-point locking system, high-quality hardware for effortless functionality—and Marvin’s unique wash mode, facilitating convenient cleaning from any level.

Marvin Ultimate Picture Narrow Frame

The Ultimate Picture Narrow Frame window, a fixed window, presents a timeless design that maximizes views and sunlight entry into any space. Its slim frame design facilitates easy replacement without affecting the surrounding interior or exterior trim.

Lincoln Push Out Casement

These windows exude elegance from every angle. With a mere twist of the handle, the sash gracefully opens, and thanks to the friction hinges, it remains securely in position, whether opened fully or partially.

Contemporary Hardware to Stay Fresh


We’re seeing designers and architects gravitate towards cabinet pulls that are more playful and grandiose in scale. Appliance pull styles are growing in size but the prevalence of longer cabinet hardware in 12” center to center and up is also starting to increase.

Rocky Mountain Hardware

Folded into the modern mountain architecture are colorful, contemporary pieces to brighten up the beautiful wood cabinetry and design elements. Natural tones throughout the house compliment our custom white bronze, dark dull finish found throughout.

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